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The Origin of Freakie Fries

The Origin of Freakie Fries

Freakie Fries was a restaurant started back in 1972, in the basement of a small apartment block at 417 Legendre, at the corner of Park Avenue, in the Park Extension suburbs of Montreal, Quebec, Canada. It was quite small and there was seating for about twenty patrons.
We were opened for breakfast, lunch and dinner and stayed open till about ten at night. We serviced the garment trade which had many factories in the area and at night, we serviced the locals and Freakie Fries became a neighborhood hang-out.
We had our grand opening in September of 1972, and in January of 1973, partly because it was struggling, and partly because the apartment block, which belonged to my dad, sold to a Chinese couple, who took over the restaurant and renamed it 'New Lucky Chinese Restaurant'.
In that time, however, something happened, that is the reason why Freakie Fries is now back. That something was three girls (what else?!) who started hanging out there and that I met. We got to be friends and they were very kind to me at a time of intense teen turbulence. Even after the restaurant sold, we hung out, on and off, till the end of the following summer.
By the way, my name is Joseph Morgese, and at the time I was eighteen years old, working for my older brother, Leonard, at Freakie Fries as a short order cook. The girls of Freakie Fries were about fifteen or sixteen, very pretty and friendly and I was very much in love with one of them. She was beyond my reach but there was beautiful interaction between all three of them and myself which would become the source of tremendous drive for me now and in the last ten years since their memory took over me.
At the end of August, 1973, we went our separate ways, and I never even thought of them anymore. Meanwhile, there was this other girl that I had known, from a year back that I had chosen to be my steady, got married with her and we had three children together.

Christmas of 1987

The story goes on…. It’s now fifteen years later. I was living in Daytona Beach, Florida with my wife of 11 years and my three children. I was a carpenter for a commercial construction company in Orlando, Florida. The company was finishing up this department store that we had built just as the store was getting ready to open shop. It was November of 1987 and I had just come back from a trip to Montreal. My father-in-law had just died, and because of this, I had ended up going to Montreal a few extra times that year.
It so happens that in Montreal, just about thirty miles east of the island, near a town called St. Simon De Bagot, there is this pyramid ( you may see it in my ) that I enjoy going to. I am a meditator and I use this pyramid to deeply enhance my meditations. I had discovered it back in 1984, and back then, I made it a point to go there every time I went to Montreal, which was annually.
Well, because of those extra trips to Montreal in 1987, I ended up going to the pyramid a total of nine times, and so, in November of that year, as we were finishing up that department store, and I had just returned from Montreal, I was taken over by these feelings of deep love. I did not know why, but I suspected that the extra trips to the pyramid may have had something to do with it.
There was this girl that was working for the department store helping them set up shop as I was finishing up with construction there. She was to me, the most beautiful girl I had ever laid eyes on, and she became the lightning rod, so to speak, for this deep love. Being that I was married with three children, there was nothing that happened, and I soon left to another assignment and never saw her again, Even so, she had a hold on me for about six months afterward, and in that time, there were other girls that gave me attention.
It seemed that I could do no wrong and even my co-workers were starting to seek my advice on love matters.
This unusual phenomenon lasted those six months and during this time as well, the memory of the girls of Freakie Fries started to take over me, and eventually, they ended up always on my mind. I did attempt to contact them but was not successful.

Christmas of 1990

Then…. In early December of 1990, I made a second attempt to contact them, and this time I was successful. It was to me, a most beautiful experience, and I fell even more deeply in love with them and I then realized, that this deep love that I had been feeling since 1987 was for them. But what to do? We all had marriages, kids, and I might as well have been a total stranger because it was so long ago, since we had last seen each other…seventeen years.
Now that I had contacted them and being that they were always on my mind, I had this strong urge to do things to impress them. Meditation has been my passion since I first start back in 1977, and so, I started to do things related to meditation (meditational acrobatics) to impress them.
I have lately come to call this phenomena ‘God’s Algorithm’, because it works like a computer program. In computerdom, an algorithm is a set of encoded operatives which makes a computer do things, and in this case, the loving memory of the girls of Freakie Fries and the thought that they knew what I was doing, made me seek for ways to impress them.
This deep love was also a spiritual pipeline, I believe, that gave me the direction and then followed through with the necessary information to complete the project. Some days, the love I felt would be deeper than other days, and it was in those moments of white heat of love that I believe the ideas came, although it would take some time for me to cognize them.
Furthermore, the love served as an insulation from the harshness of those that did not agree with the things that I was doing.
As\well, the Girls of Freakie Fries and their loved ones are my best witnesses to this, as they have known about it since 1990.
One of the first ideas that came to me, about a year into this new strange phenomena, as a way to impress them, was this perpetual motion machine. It had come back to my forefront mind. It was from a vision that I had received in a meditation way back in 1982. It was very fast, maybe just a second, and the vision was not very clear, kind of like looking at a machine on a dark night in the pouring rain where a lightning flash briefly lights it up for you.
Although, it was very fast and not very clear, I knew that this machine that I saw, that looked like an oil drilling rig, like the kinds we saw in the Dallas TV show, was perpetual motion and I knew that I could build it.

God’s Perpetual Motion See-Saw

Now, back then, I had no mechanical experience, I was a delivery courier and a cab driver at the time and before that, I worked for my dad in hotels and restaurants. I had no practical reason to believe that I could build this. And yet I had this deep, under the skin belief that was quite remarkable. I actually started to dabble with it back then but was soon overwhelmed by it and eventually got busy with the business at hand of raising my new family.
And so it was that in January of 1992, almost ten years later, that the perpetual motion machine came back to me and, as I was looking for ways to impress the girls of Freakie Fries, I began to get a sense of the larger picture, that this was why they were always on my mind, as a way to get me to do this project.
Heaven on Earth Appreciation Society
On August 2nd, 1992, I launched 'Heaven on Earth Appreciation Society', as a way to raise funds for the building of this perpetual motion machine. My plan was to find a thousand shareholders who would pay me $100.00 a year that would enable me to devote myself to building the machine full time. That didn't go over too well and so I had to drop that idea.
But I did somehow start to have many ideas and thanks to my becoming an over-the-road truck driver in 1995, I found the solitude was instrumental to my success and by 1997, I had a patent pending for a perpetual motion see-saw.
An Eternal Love-Letter to the Girls of Freakie Fries
Other inspirations came as well, and you may see them all including a computer animation drawing for 'God's Perpetual Motion See-Saw' on my last year, I had acquired a magnetic pendulum which allowed me to receive spiritual information.
What I received was a meditation technique and it is the subject of my book. 'An Eternal love-Letter to the Girls of Freakie Fries' This powerful meditation technique, which I have come to call 'The Stress-Buster' is described on my aforementioned web-site as well, but the book is about how I received it. You may also see the cover of this book on my web-site.
Which now brings us to Freakie Fries!
And so here we are, and I present to you an opportunity to come on board with me as a co-franchisor / franchisee for Freakie Fries. Because of the book, it is hoped that The Freakie Fries name will become famous and I have undertaken steps to secure a registered trademark for it. The Lanham Act was amended in 1996, to prohibit dilution of famous marks, and so it is that the name ‘Freakie Fries’ will be protected as well.